Philosophy - Pre1987

Rationalization makes hell look like heaven. pre1987
Rationalization can lead to an early grave. pre1987
Monkey see, monkey do, and it's called learning. pre1987
Never underestimate the ability of an enemy. pre1987
Moderation is for monks. pre1987
If something can go wrong, it will; so it might be wise to plan for it. pre1987
Satire is a way of insulting something and not getting killed by those who are offended. pre1987
There is no such thing as just one more time. pre1987
When someone says; "Do it this way because that is the way it is done," run for cover. pre1987
The power of a thought comes from the degree of acceptance by the mind and not by any inherent strength or weakness. pre1987
God created all. Does that include atheism? pre1987
When you reach the limit, push the limit. pre1987
Look logically at emotions, but do not expect them to return the favor. pre1987
Time is a man made concept. pre1987
There are many things worth risking life for, but it is paradoxical that there is only one thing worth giving it for. pre1987
Have the guts to do it face to face. pre1987
Be strong enough to take the stick away. pre1987
The amount of reading between the lines is inversely proportional to the about of matter between the ears. pre1987
Another person's life is their life. pre1987
Failure to understand something is not a fault, but accepting a premature and incorrect explanation is a fault. pre1987
Nothing is terminally bad, if you can learn from it. pre1987
When deciding whether to be truthful or kind, remember kindness rarely kills those who give it. pre1987
Take it to the limit. Anything else is half-ass. pre1987
When in the dark, it is hard to find the light by standing there. pre1987
When you talk, you're not learning. pre1987
The mind knows how to think, so do not try to tell it how. pre1987
The ability to rationalize is what separates a man from an animal. pre1987
There is no such thing as a totally abstract idea. pre1987
The way to ruin a perfect plan of action is to execute it. pre1987
Intelligent reasoning is rare. pre1987
Faith is believing in something that cannot be proven. Fantasy is dreaming of something that is not real. pre1987
He who says that he is a skeptic, is not. pre1987
Every step forward slows the slide backwards. pre1987
No one has the right to tell another person what they should do. pre1987
Knowledge is all. pre1987
Unbalanced power and authority will not work. pre1987
Get the facts. pre1987
People do not reason. They act upon impulses. pre1987
It all depends upon the situation. pre1987
Words do not exist in a vacuum, nor is the atmosphere always the same, so beware. pre1987
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity. pre1987
The universe does not give a damn. pre1987
When someone says something can never happen; you know what to prepare for. pre1987
Act, don't react. pre1987
Violence may be unthinkable, but be prepared for those who do not think. pre1987
It is better to risk hell then to spend an eternity in purgatory. pre1987
Please yourself. To try to please others will only fail. pre1987
Trust yourself. No one else knows you. pre1987
You must do it your way. Leave everyone else's way to them. pre1987
Go for it. pre1987
Risk failure. Do not fear it. pre1987
Be secure enough to let other people think you are strange. pre1987
You must do it your way even if it means rejection. pre1987
The world does not end with failure. Try again. pre1987
Fear of failure will stop you cold. pre1987
The masses do not carry mankind. The elite determine the fate of man. pre1987
Keep your wings. pre1987
What you can lose by trying is insignificant to what you can gain by doing. pre1987
Identity is what. pre1987
Location is where. pre1987
existence is why. pre1987
Time is when. pre1987
Logic is how. pre1987

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