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Be brave; make mistakes. 05/23/15
The unfiltered internet is like an unlimited number of trees and no forest. 2008-2014

If it cannot be said with one line, the idea is too complex for my poor brain. 12/05/01
It's a Zen thing. 02/07/02
Is the mind an appendage of the brain, or a child. 07/07/07
While laughing at others stupidity, you may want to contemplate your own comedic talents. 09/29/02
Are your beliefs stepping stones to enlightenment or walls for comfort? 08/20/02
Do you mainly use logic for enlightenment or to convince others of your correctness? 2008-2014
Use others ideas as the stimulus to your personal thought and not as a replacement. 07/24/02
If life is fluid, and morals are static, then trouble is coming. 06/03/02
By definition, a conservative defies the dynamics of life. 2008-2014
It is a fine line between reason and rationalization. pre1987
If you can free yourself from opinions and beliefs, you may be able to see the true universe. 07/25/02
Religion provides a nice paved road of life, but going off road can be more interesting. 06/25/02
The powerless are free to be radicals, but the powerful should be responsible moderates. 04/11/03
Is a Socratic Zen master a contradiction or the perfect synergy? 06/23/02
Keep questioning until you reach that 'ah-ha' of understanding. 06/23/02
It is easier to criticize ideas then it is to create new ideas. 04/27/02
Speak with respect, but carry a big question. 05/25/02
May utopia never bring perfection, but never be fatal. 03/30/03
Only weak messages need strong messengers. 11/21/01
Purpose is a man made concept. 11/20/01
The destructive power of human stupidity is only exceeded by the creative power of humanity. 01/15/01
The dreams of men cause all the troubles in the world, and all that is beautiful and glorious. Sean Russell
Abstract thoughts are a lot easier then the concrete actions based upon them. 02/25/03
Emotion may be the life force of your spirit, but reason is a better tool to use for judgment. 11/02/02
Compassion for others often comes from seeing our own failings in others. 10/10/02
Sanity is a peaceful way to go to your grave, but insanity is more enjoyable. pre1987
Never mock another person's beliefs. pre1987
Customs are civilization's instincts. 08/11/02
People are social by instinct, but civilized by law. 08/10/02
If someone has not called you an idiot lately, then you need to get off the fence. 07/30/02
If you have no more wants in life, are you content or dead? 04/03/04
If you can reasonably avoid the consequences of another's actions, then you have no need to judge their actions. 02/06/02
You only need to judge your personal thoughts if you are planning to convert them into actions. 02/06/02
Social actions should be judged as fiercely as personal beliefs are not. 01/25/02
The personal desire for privacy is inversely proportional to society's level of acceptance. 01/15/01
Freedom means nothing left to lose. Janis Joplin
The laws of the universe are not limits, but tools. 07/26/02
Instinct has no purpose; it is just a successful pattern of behavior. 07/25/02
Recorded knowledge may be the backbone of civilization, but it can also limit individual creativity. 07/21/02
Many concepts of God are not simple and elegant, but simplistic and crude. 07/20/02
No matter how much it hurts, failure today just shows you a challenge for tomorrow. 07/19/02
Please let me die before they solve the mystery of love. 07/18/02
Nature survives, people live. 07/18/02
It is often forgotten during the day to day mundane that life is glorious. 07/17/02
It is often your choice whether excrement is shit or fertilizer. 07/17/02
Nature only cares if it works, people like it to also have some style. 07/10/02
Ethics is humanity's answer to Darwin. 06/25/02
Nature is brutal. 06/17/02
Humanity should not strive to live in harmony with nature, but to rise above the natural order. 06/17/02
Listening to a lecture is to the mind what watching a sporting event is to the body. 06/08/02
Yes, Virginia, there is a God. 02/18/02
We are not alone. 05/25/02
There is a great sadness and longing in the belief that the universe has no purpose. 07/26/02
There is a great freedom and joy in the belief that the purpose of your universe is yours to create. 07/26/02
People tend to create safe little houses of knowledge and belief to avoid the mysterious and infinite universe. 07/27/02
Is your past a foundation or an anchor? 03/17/04
Religion is morality by authority, not reason. 06/06/02
Never accept failure, but get use to it. 07/08/02
Lifetime goals should be grand and glorious while daily goals should be simple and doable. 07/04/02
If you follow my philosophy step by step, you will be living my life, not yours. 06/06/02
The concept of beauty may be elusive, but a rose is simply beautiful. 06/06/02
The concept of ethics may be complex, but common sense is simply beautiful. 06/06/02
Religion can often provide a justification for doing something that would otherwise be found repulsive. 04/27/02
It is true that many mistakes look stupid with hindsight, but always remember that foresight is usually less clear. 04/27/02
Do not ask if it is right or wrong. Ask if it will work. Just be careful how you define work. 03/04/02
An ethical question properly defined, will often provide the answer. 02/28/02
Find out what the 'powers that be' say cannot be done, then do it. 01/15/01
Religion is about comfort, not insight. 06/10/03
God is as comfortable and confining as a mother's womb. 12/24/01
The internal development of ideas is more enjoyable than the reading of great philosophical ideas. 11/21/01
Disrespect is a sign of weakness; irrelevance is a sign of strength. 11/20/01
Philosophy without humor is as pale as life without humor. 11/05/01
Even in the face of laughter be yourself. pre1987
Dream. pre1987
Creative thought is rare, very rare. pre1987
Reality. What an absurd idea. pre1987
Balance. pre1987
Objectivity is a goal, not a reality. 11/14/05
Being objective and being human is not possible. pre1987
Anarchy will mean the end of civilization and the beginning of mankind. pre1987
A custom is not always right, but you had better not think otherwise. pre1987
Optimist by policy. Pessimist in planning. pre1987
A great idea spoken softly is like a dandelion seed in a gentle breeze.
A bad idea spoken loudly is like a bullfrog in the night. 04/08/03
Man is only the center of his universe. pre1987
A thought must be considered valid before it has any influence. pre1987
If it works, leave it alone. pre1987
It makes life easier if a person dislikes what they cannot have. pre1987
More from before 1987
The ego cannot overpower the id, but it can steer oneself clear. 2008-2014
Reputations are built and defined with actions; not words. 2008-2014
It takes intellectual calm to connect long term rewards with immediate effort. 2008-2014
The disconnect between effort and reward is often too easy. 2008-2014
You may not control the waves, but it is your surfboard. 2008-2014
When the fox gnaws, smile. Robert A. Heinlein
A committee has six or more legs and no head. Robert A. Heinlein
Science gives us knowledge, but only philosophy can give us wisdom. Will Durant
Confucius is disreputably intelligible. Will Durant
I think, therefore I am. Descartes
The I inside is only a part of you. 11/14/05
Knowledge not applied in action is a pale academic vanity. Francis Bacon
Nature cannot be commanded except by being obeyed. Francis Bacon
A man can make up his mind quickly, if he has only a little to make up. Aristotle
An unexamined life is not worth living. Socrates
Wisdom is knowing what you don't know. Socrates
The daily struggle to achieve your goals may be difficult at times, but no goals means no dreams, which means no life. 03/30/03
To persevere amongst friends is simply training for perseverance amongst enemies. 03/12/03
You know you have found your niche is life when everyday problems and failures
become challenges and learning experiences. 10/06/02
Great people make society believe their way is the way. 07/20/02
All journeys are measured by the value of the goal. 01/23/05
Values are personal, no matter what the source. 01/23/05

If I remembered who said it, I will give them credit.
If you see a quote from someone else without a credit, let me know.
Ideas without credits are either my own, basic knowledge, or a forgotten source.

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